Calling Mathics library from within Python code

Mathics is also a Python library implementing a parser and a interpreter for WL.

Using MathicsSession

If you have a number of mathics commands in string from that you would like evaluated, a simple way to do this is to set up a Mathics session and call the sessions evaluate() function:

..index:: MathicsSession

from mathics.session import MathicsSession
session = MathicsSession(add_builtin=True, catch_interrupt)

expression = "Integrate[Sin[x]/x,x]"
result = session.evaluate(expression)

As a Python Subprocess

Another way to run mathics and get output is to invoke the mathics command-line script. Although this may be more suitable for POSIX shell appliations, here is how to do this in Python:

import subprocess

expression = "Integrate[Sin[x]/x,x]"
cmd = ["mathics", "--no-completion", "-q", "--colors", "NOCOLOR"]
result ="\"{expression}\"" )], stdout=subprocess.PIPE).stdout
result = result.split("\n")[-1]
result = result[result.find("=")+1:]

This code runs the Mathics interpreter as a subprocess, sending a the expression as an input parameter, and extracts from the output the result.