Finishing up Curl[]ΒΆ

We have a basic version of Curl. There is more that could be done though:

  • Add unit tests using pytest

  • Extend to the other forms of Curl, possibly using SymPy

There is however one last step that we will do here: note that we have added this builtin function.

The place to do this is in CHANGES.rst.

Find the section lablewed New Builtins` at the top of the pages and add this function. As we saw for adding classes, please add the name in alphabetic order.

Here is a "diff" after we added this function:

diff --git a/CHANGES.rst b/CHANGES.rst
index 23a37db0..ec80c087 100644
--- a/CHANGES.rst
+++ b/CHANGES.rst
@@ -11,6 +11,7 @@ New Builtins

 #. ``$BoxForms``
 #. ``ClebschGordan``
+#. ``Curl`` (2-D and 3-D vector forms only)
 #. ``Kurtosis``
 #. ``PauliMatrix``
 #. ``SixJSymbol``