Making a Mathics3 Release

This information is for Project administrators. It is likely to be of little interest for most.

To perform these steps, this you’ll need a project administrator accounts and access on github, PyPI and dockerhub.


Let folks know in advance about the release. During the release of course, ensure no one is changing master (except the person doing the release).

mathics-scanner may need to be released on PyPI first.

Get latest sources:

$ git pull

Change version in mathics/

On Mathics3/mathics-core master branch. For each release candidate:

update __version__ in mathics/

$ source mathics/ # to set in POSIX shell
$ echo $__version__
$ git commit -m"Get ready for release $__version__" .

Create a new branch


git checkout -b release-$__version__

Update Changes

$ make ChangeLog

Update CHANGES.rst from ChangeLog

$ make check
$ git commit --amend .
$ git push   # get CI testing going early

Build Docs

$ make doc

See also [[Documentation and tests]].

Check package from github

TODO: turn this into a script in admin-tools

$ [[ ! -d /tmp/gittest ]] && mkdir /tmp/gittest; pushd /tmp/gittest
$ pyenv local pyston-2.3.4 # Use a version that is not the most recent
$ pip install -e git+
$ (cd src/mathics3 && make)
$ mathics --version # see that new version appears
$ mathics -e "1+2"
$ python -m pip uninstall Mathics3
$ popd

Make packages and check

$ ./admin-tools/
$ twine check dist/Mathics3-$__version__*

Release on Github

Go to can be used to change the CHANGES.rst section to markdown.

Now check the tagged release. (Checking the untagged release was previously done).

TODO: turn this into a script in admin-tools

$ git pull # to pull down new tag
$ pushd /tmp/gittest
$ pip install -e git+${__version__}#egg=Mathics3
$ mathics --version
$ mathics -e "1+2"
$ pip uninstall Mathics3
$ popd

Upload the release to PyPI

Upload it to PyPI with twine:

$ twine upload --verbose dist/Mathics3-${__version__}*


  • Update mathicsscript

  • Update Matthics-Django

  • Update mathics-omnibus

Update PDF

$ cp mathics/doc/tex/mathics.pdf ../${__version__}.pdf
$ cd ../
$ git add mathics-${__version__}.pdf
$ rm mathics-latest.pdf
$ ln -vs mathics-${__version__}.pdf mathics-latest.pdf
$ git commit .
$ git push