Setup for Developing Mathics3 Python Code

We encourage people to work with the Python source code, modifiy it in git and put in Pull Requests when there is something you want to share with other Mathics3 users.

For this you’ll need to have git installed as well as a github account to submit a pull request (PR) when done.

Github repositories are listed in Install from the Mathics3 Github Organization.

Developer Python Code-Checking Packages

There are a number of additional Python-related packages you will probably want to have to reduce inadvertent mistakes and keep the code consistent with its existing style. These are:

  • isort: sorts Python imports

  • black: formats Python code according to standard Python-formatting convertions.

When you commit code, you can arrange to have these tools run automatically and fix up mistakes using a package called pre-commit.

After running pip install pre-commit then run pre-commit install.

Optional but Useful Developer Python Packages

Other Python packages that are nice to have but are not strictly necessary are: