Checking the Curl[] Basic Version

Although the checking steps are similar to what we did in KroneckerProduct we will go through these in a more abbreviated fashion. If you would like steps spelled out in more detail see the corresponding section there.

Going Django and type “Mathematical Operations” in the documentation section and you should see “Curl” appear first before “Cross”. And note that it has the summary text that we added above.

Click on “Curl” in that list and we now see all of the information in the docstring we just entered.

Following links shown in blue should also be checked:

  • Curl,

  • SymPy, and

  • WMA

Rather than go into an mathics shell, we will just run the doc tests:

 $ cd Mathics3/mathics-core
 $ python mathics/ -s Curl
 Testing section(s): Curl
 b'   1 ( 0): TEST a = {{a11, a12}, {a21, a22}}; b = {{b11, b12}, {b21, b22}};'
 b'   2 ( 0): TEST KroneckerProduct[a, b]'
 b'   3 ( 0): TEST a = {{0, 1}, {-1, 0}}; b = {{1, 2}, {3, 4}};'
 b'   4 ( 0): TEST KroneckerProduct[a, b] // MatrixForm'
 b'   5 ( 0): TEST Clear[a, b];'

All tests passed.